The CDS R-SCAN Registry


What is the CDS R-SCAN Registry?

The CDS R-SCAN Registry, now in pilot phase, will become one of seven registries under the American College of Radiology’s National Radiology Data Registry. The CDS R-SCAN Registry provides access to a subset of a facility’s clinical decision support (CDS) data. Currently, participation is available for facilities that have CareSelect™ Imaging/ACR Select provided by the National Decision Support Company (NDSC).

The data provided correspond to imaging Choosing Wisely recommendations in the R-SCAN program and address the following imaging topics:

  • Uncomplicated headache
  • Low back pain
  • Pre-operative chest x-rays
  • CT angiography for suspected pulmonary embolism
  • Adult minor head trauma
  • Pediatric minor head trauma
  • Febrile seizures
  • Uncomplicated rhinosinusitis
  • Prostate cancer staging for low-risk patients
  • Imaging for patients at low risk for coronary artery disease


What Are the Benefits of CDS R-SCAN Registry Participation?

The registry is a mechanism for radiologists and referring clinicians to collaborate on improving the ordering of imaging exams that add value to patient care. By reviewing CDS R-SCAN Registry reports, imaging areas that could benefit from educational intervention can easily be identified. Additional benefits include:

  • Engagement of referring physicians in a targeted quality initiative using CDS to demonstrate how consultation of appropriate use criteria demonstrates improvements made in the ordering of imaging exams
  • Access to reports that provide quantitative data about improvements achieved and track that achievements are maintained over time
  • Fulfillment of “Improvement Activity” credit requirements for practices participating in the MIPS track of the CMS Quality Payment Program
  • Access to an archive of educational material for each R-SCAN topic including activities that award CME and provide hands on experience with clinical decision support


What Registry Data Are Provided to Participants?

The CDS R-SCAN Registry reports provide the following filters for obtaining feedback information:

  • R-SCAN topics
  • Imaging clinical indications
  • Ordering departments, practices, or groups along with a breakdown of the respective number of cases ordered
  • Date range


How Are a Facility’s CDS Data Obtained?

With an executed National Radiology Data Registry (NRDR) Participation Agreement/Business Associate Agreement, a facility can submit its imaging CDS data to the registry. Data is transmitted to the ACR using Web services from the facility’s CDS or electronic health record (EHR) system. Facility-designated representatives are granted access to view their facility’s data.

Sites that have integrated CareSelect Imaging/ACR Select into their EHR can start participating in the registry during the pilot phase currently in progress.


How Much Does CDS R-SCAN Registry Cost?

Participation in the CDS R-SCAN Registry is free of charge through December 2019 and is made available through a CMS Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative grant, NDSC in-kind services, and additional ACR financial support.


How Can I Participate?

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request the participation agreements and to arrange a webinar demonstration.