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Use these resources to learn more about communicating with your referring clinicians and to better understand how R-SCAN, clinical decision support, and collaboration can help reduce unnecessary imaging and increase quality and value-based patient care.

Presentation Slides: Avoiding Imaging Wave II

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Webinar: Avoiding Imaging Wave II

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Article: Practice Transformation is Underway, and Radiologists Need to Get Involved

ACR Bulletin, 2016.view more button

Article: Improving the Application of Imaging Clinical Decision Support Tools

Broder S, Halabi S. JACR. 2014view more button

Article: The Changing Radiologist Role

Lund I, et al. The Advisory Board Company. 2012.view more button

Article: What Would Paul Revere Do?

Cordes L. ACR Bulletin. 2014.view more button

Article: How (and Why) to Get Your Colleagues on Board with CDS

Hom J. ACR Bulletin. 2016.view more button

Video: Three physicians share their perspectives on R-SCAN participation benefits

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