Earn Improvement Activity Credits With R-SCAN

Radiologists and collaborating referring clinicians participating in the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) component of the Quality Payment Program (QPP) can earn seven medium-weight Improvement Activity (IA) credits for completing an R-SCAN™ project.

Under MIPS, non-patient-facing physicians (i.e., most radiologists) are required to earn two medium-weighted IAs, and patient-facing clinicians are required to earn up to four IAs. By completing one R-SCAN project together, both radiologists and referring clinicians can meet all of their IA requirements to achieve MIPS credit.

“R-SCAN participation not only fulfills annual IA requirements, but also demonstrates the impact radiologists can have on management of patient care and the utilization of health care resources, which will be essential under advanced payment models,” says Gregory N. Nicola, MD, FACR, Chair of the ACR MACRA Committee.

The categories that clinicians can attest to upon R-SCAN project completion are listed below. Practices will need to attest that they carried out a project for at least 90 consecutive days during the current performance period and can start a project anytime between January 1 and October 2. 

View the flyer for more details about R-SCAN and Improvement Activity credit. Register for an R-SCAN today and contact us with questions!


Instructions for Claiming MIPS Credit

Many of you may be registered to submit MIPS data using ACR’s Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR). If so, you can follow these steps to attest to your R-SCAN Improvement Activities:

  1. Login to https://nrdr.acr.org
  2. Navigate to “MIPS Measure Participation” and then “Data Collection and Reports”
  3. Click the “Improvement Activities” tab
  4. Follow the instructions on this page to attest to activities on either the group or individual physician level

If you are not using the NRDR QCDR to submit MIPS data, you will need either to attest to the Improvement Activities using your registry of choice, or to attest to the activities using the CMS Improvement Activity interface which should be available in early 2018. Keep an eye out on https://qpp.cms.gov for more information if this applies to you.


R-SCAN Participation Improvement Activity Subcategories

All Improvement Activities (IA) are medium weight and are listed below by activity ID and subcategory name and IA title. For the full description of each IA, visit the Quality Payment Program website here.


IA_BE_12   Beneficiary Engagement   

Use evidence-based decision aids to support shared decision making


IA_CC_7   Care Coordination   

Regular training in care coordination


IA_PSPA_16   Patient Safety & Practice Assessment   

Use of decision support and standardized treatment protocols


IA_PSPA_17   Patient Safety & Practice Assessment   

Implementation of analytic capabilities to manage total cost of care for practice population


IA_PSPA_2   Patient Safety & Practice Assessment   

Participation in MOC Part IV


IA_PSPA_18   Patient Safety & Practice Assessment   

Measurement and improvement at the practice and panel level


IA_PSPA_19   Patient Safety & Practice Assessment   

Implementation of formal quality improvement methods, practice changes or other practice improvement processes